Heat treatment of 45# seamless steel pipe

45 # consistent steel pipe heat treatment
Suggested heat treatment temperature:
normalizing 850
extinguishing 840
treating 600

45 # steel is great carbon underlying steel,Heat treatment of 45# consistent steel pipe Articles not high hardness and simple machining, frequently utilized as a format, tip, guide pin, and so on, yet should be done intensity therapy.
1. 45 steel, subsequent to extinguishing and prior to treating, hardness more noteworthy than HRC55 (up to HRC62) for qualified. The real utilization of the greatest hardness HRC55 (high recurrence extinguishing HRC58).
2. 45 # steel, don’t utilize carburizing and extinguishing heat treatment process:
Parts subsequent to treating treatment have great extensive mechanical properties, are generally utilized in different significant primary parts, particularly the people who work under rotating heap of associating pole, bolts, pinion wheels and shaft, and so on. Be that as it may, low surface hardness, wear-standing up to. Accessible molding + surface extinguishing to work on a superficial level hardness of parts. Carburizing process is by and large utilized in surface wear-opposing, center effect obstruction of over-burden parts, its wear opposition is higher than treating + surface extinguishing. 0.8 to 1.2% of its surface carbon content and the center is in generally 0.1 0.25% (unique conditions by 0.35%). Get extremely high hardness after heat treatment, surface (HRC58-62), the center of low hardness, influence obstruction. If utilizing 45 # steel carburizing, extinguishing after center services weak martensite, lose the benefits of carburizing steel doors and windows process. Presently USES the carburizing system of material, the carbon content isn’t high, to 0.30%, has focused energy of center applications. 0.35% had never seen an occasion. Can utilize molding + high-recurrence surface solidifying process, a carburizing wear-obstruction of somewhat.

GB/T699-1999 norm of 45 # steel consistent steel pipe suggested arrangement of intensity therapy at 850  normalizing, 840  extinguishing, 6